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Rise of Stars Re:Verse

Official Launch New Version + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Rise of Stars Re:Verse (by Wemade Max Co., Ltd.)

Start a great journey to rule the galaxy!

Join the endless war to become the Chancellor that rules the unfathomable space!
In order to develop a new galaxy, admirals must explore resource planets, establish bases and vanquish threatening enemies.
They must also join other friendly admirals to form an alliance and conquer the Council which is the final destination.
Every galaxy is waiting for a great admiral that will write a new myth.

Game Introduction
A great 4x game that pans out in the vastness of space
– Experience the great space war that pans out in the vastness of space that involves lifelike bases, space warships, and various captains in ‘Rise of Stars’.
– Enjoy viewing diverse objects such as hovering drones and planets that can be seen from the base.

Rise of Stars Re:Verse

Base Development – The first step to becoming a great conqueror
– Prepare for war by upgrading the various modules in your exclusive base.
– Reinforce your troops by conducting research for resources, base defense, fleets, and defeating pirates.
– Prepare for war by producing four types of powerful space fleets including Corvettes, Assault Ships, Defense Ships, and Freighters.

Rally Battle – Fight the enemy together
– Obtain valuable rewards by defeating powerful foes such as Nocturns, Elite Pirates, and Deserted Factories.

Captain – An elite space agent with various abilities
– The captain is a multi-talented executive who has various abilities including battle, mining, and development.
– Aim to get powerful synergy by deploying captains with the right abilities for the situation.
– Also, enjoy your victory with the ‘flagship’, which is a captain-exclusive ship.

Rise of Stars Re:Verse

Warship Carrier – A collection of super-scientific technologies
– The warship carrier is the essence of super-scientific technologies. It is based on the robot genetic Cyrocore.
– They provide buffs that strengthen your fleets and are a key player in battles.
– Include warship carriers to defeat even stronger enemies or send them to resource planets to obtain lots of resources.

Dark Zone – 1:1 PVP in space
– The Dark Zone is an arena to determine the strongest admiral in the server.
Try diverse combinations of warships, captains and warship carriers for victory and obtain various rewards.
– Top Admirals will be granted access into the Dark Zone (Deep), and the server-level competition will get even fiercer.
– Become the victor in the Dark Zone (Deep) and earn space-wide respect as well as precious rewards.

Rise of Stars Re:Verse

Council Conquest – Become the most powerful alliance in the server.
– A strong bond is the only way to conquer space, so cooperate with your alliance members, win large-scale wars and rule space.
– Capture planets that grant powerful buffs for your advantage and conquer the Council, the most powerful organization in the server.
– Grow and cooperate with your alliance and join huge real-time wars.

Rise of Stars Re:Verse

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