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Rise of Summoner

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The description of Rise of Summoner (by OnionGame)

-Any combination of cards!
Welcome to a dark fantasy world. In this RPG card game, you will collect various character cards and create a strong team dedicated to yourself through multi-dimensional methods such as cultivation and promotion. These characters have different identities, including various mysterious magicians, warriors, machine gods, and monsters. Each character has a unique story and skills.

Rise of Summoner

-Warmly fought, different matching skills!
The game’s combat system is also very creative. You can determine the outcome of a battle through multiple card combinations and combo skills. Each character has its own unique skills and attributes. You need to flexibly control the attack timing and combine with different characters to win in battle. The game also provides a rich variety of playing methods.

Rise of Summoner

-College simulation war, waiting for you to challenge!
In PVE mode, you will experience magnificent battles and refreshing experience of pushing pictures, challenging various high-strength replicas and Bosses, and continuously improving your combat power. In PVP mode, you will engage in fierce arena duels with other players, demonstrating different matching skills. In PVP mode, you will engage in fierce arena duels with other players, demonstrating different matching skills. The cultivation mode provides you with multi-dimensional hero development and cultivation such as upgrading, equipment, accessories, skills, star ascent, and fetters, allowing you to create your own powerful hero. The guild mode provides you with an opportunity to build a top level union with friends.

Rise of Summoner

-Story Background
All this takes place in a dark fantasy world with rich background stories. After the final battle of the Black Iron Magician, mankind and all walks of life ushered in a brief period of peace. However, some humans have begun to pursue immortality and power for their own selfish desires, reaching out to taboo magic that must not be touched. This behavior led to the destruction of the balance of the world, and various machine gods, monsters, and magicians began to be awakened, and the world began to fall into chaos. Your task is to become the guardian of this world, engage in fierce battles with various mysterious creatures, solve the mysteries of the dark fantasy world, identify those mysterious forces that manipulate everything behind the scenes, and bring peace and order to this world.

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