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Rise of the Empress

Early access(Open Beta)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Rise of the Empress (by Gaminpower)

The fantastic Gleit Continent, the powerful Kingdom of Snow, the mysterious legend of Obsidian… Born in an impoverished aristocratic family, the girl departures from her hometown to a distant and strange kingdom. Among power struggles and conspiracies, she grows up, wins various admirers, investigates family mysteries, and gradually gains her foothold.
“One day, it will be my kingdom.”

Experience Dramatic Plots
Explore mysteries, fight against your enemies, attempt to gain your foothold in court intrigue… Maybe one day, you will emerge from your chrysalis and reign over the kingdom.

Choose Your Date
A loyal and gentle knight, a bold secret police, a witty and elegant young aristocracy, and a rational scholar. Interact with these men who are important in your life story, give them gifts, exchange letters, have romantic dates, walk into their inner worlds and experience different love stories.

Dress Gorgeously
You can have a fabulous clothing collection of various styles: western, eastern, ancient, modern… You can choose proper outfits and accessories according to the stories, or match them with your own aesthetics.

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Cultivate Squires for Your Fights
Either well-known celebrities in history, or characters appearing in the stories, you can recruit them, cultivate them, and use their talent for your fights; you can also read their own stories: everyone is a world.

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Enjoy the Company of Pet Dogs
Humans need dogs Siberian Husky, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Doberman… Raise them from puppies to grown dogs, spend intimate time with them, and find them lovely mates. Keeping your own pet dogs online!

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Run Your Farm
Grow various corps and flowers, cook for your cute dogs, and enjoy the peace of pastoral life in a bustling city.
Try Multiple Little Games
Deal with government affairs, interrogate prisoners, be up to mischief and etc. There are a plenty of little games meeting your different demands and providing you with fresh game experience!

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