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Rise of West

💡 Platform – Android | iOS (Expected)

The description of Rise of West (by LuckycatGame)

Rise of West: Wild Romance is the first Western-themed game that integrates American comic-style art with gameplay elements of simulation, role-playing, adventure, and romantic encounters.

The wild heat of the west is sweeping in! Rise of West will welcome you to the wild west where you will manage towns, explore territories, meet all kinds of heroes and enjoy the adoration and company of different beauties. Raise your reputation and influence, and write your own western legend.

Game Features:

*Town Management, Strength Accumulation: In the game, you are a visionary lord inheriting your father’s legacy, forging your own Western realm. You’ll need to manage mines and ranches, train soldiers, develop towns, amass wealth, and extend your influence, ensuring your town stands unyielding amidst the perils of the Western world.

Rise of West

*Hero Assembly, Legendary Collaboration: Within the Western world, you’ll encounter a myriad of heroes—fearless bounty hunters, sharpshooting cowboys, or enigmatic ladies. Each hero boasts a unique background story and skill set. Recruit and nurture them, forming an indomitable legion to confront the dangers and unknowns of the West, forging a legendary saga.

Rise of West

*Harem Beauties, Endless Charisma: In the Western world, you’ll meet beauties from all corners of the globe—be they barmaids or the daughters of affluent merchants. Each possesses distinctive allure and a tale waiting to be discovered. You’ll have the chance to take them as companions, sharing romantic and blissful moments, as they bear your descendants, perpetuating the family lineage.

Rise of West

*Offspring Cultivation, Strengthening Legacy: Your legend won’t wane with the passage of time. Nurture your successors, instilling in them your ideals and power. Under your guidance, they’ll grow into invaluable aides, ensuring the enduring prosperity of your legacy.

Rise of West

*Western Sovereignty, Global Domination: In the Western world, you’ll face adversaries from across the globe. Only the mightiest can ascend to the summit, becoming the sovereign ruler of the West, compelling all to kneel before your dominion.


Rise of West

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