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RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager

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The description of RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager

Take over a promising team and make it into a lasting eSports empire. Watch your team win in this highlight-packed, PvP Esports MOBA Manager

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager
RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager

Become World’s #1 team competing in PVP Leagues and Tournaments with friends and foes
Unleash the full potential of your dream team by signing star players on the transfer market and training promising talent
Create your own Esports legacy by acquiring the best sponsorship deals, skilled coaching staff and building a show-off gaming house
Watch your team in exciting MOBA match simulations and turn the tide with last-minute tactic adaptations
Live your Esports passion and engage with your favorite teams, streamers and shoutcasters

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager
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