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Riviera ~The Promised Land

💡 Platform – Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Steam

The description of Riviera~約束の地リヴィエラ~ (by STING Co.,Ltd.)

“Riviera ~The Promised Land~” is now available as a remastered version! !
Equipped with various additional convenient functions, the ease of play has been upgraded!
Full of elements that will satisfy everyone from first-time players to experienced players! !
The interface has been adjusted for the smartphone version.
You can play stress-free with touch controls!


Game features
・Easy-to-operate field exploration!
・A unique battle system where your skills are determined by the items you own!
・Who do you get along with? ! A favorability system that changes depending on your choices!
・More than 90 still illustrations to liven up your event!
The power to destroy everything…to prevent “divine punishment” from activating
Work together with your friends to stop Riviera from disappearing!


Remastered elements
・BGM change function with 5 types of sound sources!
・Up to 5x play mode!
・Event skip function!
・All illustrations are HD compatible!
・Reliable auto save function!
・Ease of play greatly improved by difficulty level and mode selection!
・Boost function that allows you to quickly learn skills!
・Interface with improved convenience!
There are many other additional elements! !

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