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Road to Valor: Empires

Early access – IN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Road to Valor: Empires (by KRAFTON, Inc.)

Epic card reward: You will get Long Spear Warrior who is the master of spearman-ship, this warrior is one of the legendary seven generals who represent the Yamato Legion. Any foe who dares to confront him is slaughtered in the blink of an eye.

Road to Valor: Empires

A battle experience like no other.

Get ready to command your troops and outsmart your opponents like never before. From the house of Krafton, introduces an ultimate real-time battle game where you can compete with players around the globe while commanding mythical gods, beasts, and heroes.

So, what are you waiting for? Summon your troops, prepare your guardians, and outplay your friends. It is time for some Asli Battle ka Feel!

Road to Valor: Empires

The Art of War. By you.

Cavalry that tramples over Infantry. Spears that pierce through Cavalry. Archers bombard Spearmen with a volley of arrows. The combination that you choose decides your fate. And the best part is, there is no one way to do it. So go to your base, build your own strategy, explore your combinations, and get one step closer to ultimate glory.

Road to Valor: Empires

Ever dreamt of being a Commander?

It is time to command them your way. Build your army with a variety of units to defeat your opponents in fast-paced battles. As a commander, you take your troops to victory, you unlock features, heroes, units, and better upgrades. But being a commander is not that easy, you must place your unit cards smartly in your deck and knock down the enemy and defence towers before they do.

Road to Valor: Empires

Everything’s fair in love and RTV Empires

All is fair in love and war but neither love nor war is ever fair. Hence, play it smart and straight. it is a real-time PvP strategy game where the entire world is your battlefield. Play with your friends and challenge them with your distinct strategy to rule over lands of both myth and legend.

Road to Valor: Empires

“Tu RTV me mil!” – Famous Last Words

Settling scores with your opponents have never been this exciting. RTV Empires teleports to a completely different world where nothing else matters, except for glory. When you experience immersive battles with cavalry rushing to destroy enemy towers and even continuing to fight even when knocked from their horses – you feel the intensity of battle, right in your hands.

Mere paas Odin hain, Athena hain, Medusa hain? Tere paas kya hain?
Athena, goddess of war, Odin, king of Asgard, Medusa, Manticore, Achilles, and even Valkyries! Choose various characters from different mythologies and keep experimenting with them. As they say, fortune favors the bold. So, keep progressing to see which characters and their powers suit your playing style.

Road to Valor: Empires

Not your usual battle game

It distinguishes itself by its realist visual art style from other battle games. It has all the hooks of the popular ‘clash’ and ‘royal’ games with the feel of large-scale ‘ageing empires’ games.

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Available: Google Play – IN

Road to Valor: Empires

👇 Version (by Dreamotion Inc) – Global

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