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RoboHero Mobile – NFT

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RoboHero Mobile (by RoboHero)

The action of RoboHero takes place in the distant future, in the year, 31337. In this futuristic world, called the metaverse, three powerful robot fractions – DEUTER, ETER and PLASMA are waging a fierce battle for dominance over rare and valuable resources. As a player, you take on the role of a commander of one of these fractions and must lead your robots to victory in this ruthless war.

Each fraction has its own unique history, goals, and philosophy. DEUTER is a fraction focused on defense and endurance, ETER specializes in agility and speed, while PLASMA are masters of dealing massive damage. Uncover the secrets of each fraction to better understand their motivations and strategies.

RoboHero Mobile - NFT

Game modes

RoboHero offers two main game modes that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in this fascinating world:

Story Mode: in story mode, you’ll experience an epic adventure, learning the history of the RoboHero world. Complete missions, gather resources and build up your robot army. Discover the secrets of the different fractions, their robot classes and unique abilities. This mode allows you to hone your tactical skills and prepare for real battle.

RoboHero Mobile - NFT

Multiplayer Mode: face off against other players from around the world in exciting multiplayer battles. Utilize your acquired skills, resources, and tactics to defeat opponents and climb to the top of the rankings. In this mode, only victory matters, and your strategy and skilled command of robots will be the key to success.

Fractions and robot classes
In RoboHero there are three main robot fractions, each with unique traits and fighting styles:

DEUTER: a fraction specializing in defense and endurance. Their robots are true tanks on the battlefield, able to withstand even the heaviest barrage. DEUTER robot classes are: TANK, SHOOTER and SNIPER.

RoboHero Mobile - NFT

ETER: masters of agility and speed. The robots of this fraction are nimble sharpshooters, eliminating enemies from afar before they can react. ETER robot classes are: TANK, SHOOTER and SNIPER.

PLASMA: experts in dealing massive damage. Their robots are powerful snipers, wreaking havoc in enemy ranks with devastating plasma charges. PLASMA robot classes are: TANK, SHOOTER and SNIPER.

Assemble your team to maximize the unique abilities of each class and fraction. Only the right strategy and synergy between robots will ensure your victory.
Abilities and resources
In RoboHero you have a range of special abilities at your disposal that you can develop and customize to your playstyle:
SHIELDS: Strengthen the defenses of your robots so they can withstand even the heaviest enemy barrage. Shields are key for defensive strategies.
AREA DAMAGE: Deal powerful area-of-effect damage to effectively eliminate groups of enemy robots. Ideal for breaking sieges and frontal assaults.

RoboHero Mobile - NFT

Gather and utilize valuable resources such as NFTs, which you can use as enhancements for your robots or as special items during battles. The more resources, the greater your advantage!

Gameplay mechanics

RoboHero is a turn-based strategy game where the key to victory is tactical thinking, skillful resource management and anticipating your opponent’s moves. Each turn you issue orders to your robots, deciding their movements, attacks, and use of special abilities.
Analyze the situation on the battlefield, bolster weak points in your formation and find gaps in the enemy’s defenses. React to the changing tactical situation and adapt your strategy on the fly. Remember, every decision matters and can decide the outcome of the battle.
Play RoboHero and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the future, where the fate of the metaverse depends on your strategy and command abilities. Develop your robots, discover new tactics and become the ultimate commander in the year 31337!

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RoboHero Mobile - NFT
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