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The description of ROCK BOTTOM

ROCKBOTTOM is free to play, with simple controls but authentic action gameplay.

Simply swipe to attack!
Smash blocks to find and collect coins. Bash rival players to steal their coins!


Three different battle mode available
A 3-on-3 rumble between the Red and Blue teams!
Find and gather more coins than the opposing team within the 90 second time limit.

A 6 player free-for-all!
Collect the most coins within the 90 second time limit.

A 6-person last player standing match!
Bash rival players from above to send them into the HOT LAVA at ROCKBOTTOM.
Last player standing wins!


Players will gain experience points (XP) and currency (COIN) by winning battles.
Players will unlock REWARDS with the XP and COINS. Rewards like WEAPONS and JETPACKS need to be equipped for advanced performance.

Online battle option available.
Toggle [ONLINE BATTLE] option in [SETTING] menu.
This option can’t be activated on a narrow band connection, or if your region is not supported. Please try different access points to activate.
You can play online battles against global rivals while this option is activated.
Please deactivate if you experience poor performance.


You can team up and play with your online friends.
Invite and add your friends in the [FRIEND] menu to team up or play head-to-head!

[PRIVATE MATCH] can be played to have invite-only matches with your friends. BOTs will be substituted if your match has fewer than 6 players.

XP and COIN boosters
These will multiply the amount of XP and COINS that you earn at the end of a match. You can UNLOCK these boosters as you gain XP, or you can purchase them from the SHOP. These boosters can speed up your game progression.

In order to equip better gear or boosters, you need COINS. You might miss out on rewards if you reach your coin limit. PIGGY BANKS will increase the maximum number of coins you can carry and are available in a CHARACTER’S UNLOCKS or can be purchased from the SHOP directly.

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