ROG – Rite of Guardians

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of ROG – Rite of Guardians (by asaone studio)

Rite of Guardians is an original 1v1 tower-defense online game you never experienced before!

Players need to select heroes and ability cards before a battle and defeat incoming monsters. The killed monsters will then appear on the opponent’s battlefield. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s fortress. Players can obtain trophies and rewards by completing games. In the meantime, they also manage their own clubs and train their own heroes. Players need to recruit heroes, train them in matches, level up heroes, abilities, and artifacts to obtain battle bonuses, and fend off powerful opponents.

In PvP battles, you need to pay attention to your opponents at all times and adjust your strategy according to your opponents’ abilities. The game also offers Boss Challenge mode and Hero Challenge mode, which feature different game experiences and abundant rewards. More heroes, modes, and gameplay will be available in the future. Please stay tuned. You can always enjoy a game with infinite possibilities to test your strategies on powerful opponents no matter where you are.

World setting: In 2099, the last grand event before the holy war, a new wave of intruders is about to arrive. This is a world full of Psychic Warriors and Cyber-modified Soldiers. Major clubs are eager to join the competition. Will you and your partner become one of the top teams?

Vanquish mighty opponents and become the successor of the sacred title of ROG!


Casual matchmaking & Five minutes of exciting battles
The pace of this game is faster than auto-chess. The average time of each game is 3-6 minutes. You can enter the battle whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy the sense of achievement when your build is finally completed. Immerse yourself in the responsive, exciting combat.

ROG - Rite of Guardians

An original PvP tower-defense experience
The first among tower-defense games to combine auto-chess build experience and monster spawning mechanics. A never-seen-before tower-defense experience.

ROG - Rite of Guardians

Build powerful heroes with thousands of ability combinations
Combine different heroes and abilities, increase hero level and powers, create your own party.

ROG - Rite of Guardians

Employ strategies to dominate the ever-changing battlefield
Fight real opponents one-on-one online. Test your strength in different challenge modes. There is no such thing as pay-to-win. Victory can only be achieved through effective strategies and extraordinary skills.

Unique cyberpunk futuristic art style
Enjoy the futuristic art style of this cyberpunk world and the heroes within, immerse yourself in the comic-style UI, paired with dynamic music and exciting sound effects. You are in for an unprecedented audio-visual feast.

💡 APK not available – use VPN(ID)

ROG - Rite of Guardians

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