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Rose Academy

Official Launch(TW, HK) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 玫瑰學院 (by KINGFISH ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED)

“Rose Academy” is the latest super popular Japanese idle beautiful girl development RPG. In the game, you will be the leader of a different world and go on an adventure with more than 100 beautiful girls with different styles, such as the lovely Eleonora, the sexy Laila, the dignified Adie… . Team up for fun adventures!

Game Features
Recruit a large number of beautiful girls to accompany you on adventures
A large number of beautiful girls are waiting for your call. Every time you reach a certain level, you can get free draws, and you can get up to 1000 free draws! The SSR explosion rate is high, and it is easy to form a super beautiful girl team! Over 100 girls have different styles and personalities. Choose the type you like to help you travel to another world!


Explore the fantasy plot and interact closely with many beautiful girls
Adventure in a different world, explore the fantasy plot through the level team, and the truth of the matter becomes clear step by step with your footsteps.
Encounter with beautiful girls on the heartwarming campus, interact with them intimately, and reap their feedback to you.


Place on-hook, easy to obtain income
You can harvest a lot of hero experience and equipment by hanging up the phone, and you can easily develop your heroes without liver and krypton gold. You no longer need to waste time repeatedly brushing the copy, enjoy the joy of the game!


Tactical battle, intelligence to win
Character matching, formation changes, this is all knowledge, use your wisdom to win.
Each beautiful girl has different attributes and occupations, and different attributes and occupations have different mutual growth and mutual restraint; the formation changes, and a reasonable formation combination can even win more with less.

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