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Rossum’s Mirror

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The description of Rossum’s Mirror

A future in which humans lived a prosperous century and technology advanced beyond space and time, but with the continuous growth of human ambitions, a cruel war broke out.

In order to establish a new world order, Science&Technology Association extracts the genes of many scientific and artistic celebrities in human history, and cultivates powerful scientific heroes to form a knighthood to fight for the destiny of humanity. The project is named Rossum’s Mirror.

Rossum's Mirror
Rossum's Mirror
Rossum's Mirror

You will command the girls from six colleges of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Humanities and Art to embark on an RPG adventure in the chaotic world of technology, explore together, grow together, and eliminate the evil enemies.

The war between blood and fire, and the interweaving of love and fetters, kicked off.

Rossum's Mirror
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