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Royal Knights Legends

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The description of 皇室騎士傳說 Online – 動漫 MMO RPG (by Elysium Fun Games)

The Legend of Heroes of the Royal Family is officially open for public beta testing without deleting files. Enter the fantasy world, collect knight girls, take possession of your royal castle, challenge various enemy bosses, join a guild and attack Babylon. . . The perfect combination of anime style casual RPG and MMO gameplay. The battle of gods and demons is about to begin, join us!

Story background
There are four countries on the Continent of Eli.
In the Land of Light, the royal family inherited the ancient power of light. Over the past few decades, the political system has become a constitutional monarchy, which is deeply loved by the people. The current king has been bedridden for more than a year, and all state affairs are entrusted to the young Prince of Lyon and Princess Farah.
The Ropto Empire was a huge centralized empire founded by Ropto I over a hundred years ago through the conquest and annexation by force of several small kingdoms. The current emperor of the Loputo Empire, Merios, has enlisted the support of various noble powers during his ten-year reign, and has ruled the empire in an orderly manner, and the national power is unprecedentedly strong.
The country of the Elves, located in an ancient forest in the southwest of the mainland, consists of many elven tribes. Although the elf queen Amia is the nominal ruler, the real power of this place is concentrated in the hands of the elven lords. Elves are highly skilled in magical research and have been friends with the Land of Light for generations.
The Demon Dragon Kingdom, a new country built by the Demon Dragon King and Demon King Emilio 30 years ago, is inhabited by demons, dragons, and various monsters. Fifteen years ago, the Demon Dragon Kingdom launched a full-scale invasion of other countries on the continent, but it eventually failed under the resistance of an alliance of humans and elves. The Demon Dragon King was also defeated, and his whereabouts are unknown. Now led by Demon King Emilio, he is extremely repulsive to aliens and has little contact with the other three countries, but at the same time is at peace.
In this peaceful world, another battle of gods and demons will begin. Where will the prince and princess of the Light Realm go? . .

Game Features:

Beautiful anime girls heroes
In this fantasy role playing game, the main character princess can hire dozens of female hero knights. Each knight has his own set of skills, classes and squads. Heroes can be recruited by filling out biographies and summoning. Each character is beautifully drawn in high quality anime style, if you like 2D anime or cartoon style, don’t miss it!

皇室騎士傳說 Online - 動漫 MMO RPG

Heroes lead followers into battle
In this battle of gods and demons, each hero knight no longer fights alone, they have their own unique troops. These loyal soldiers will fight alongside the heroes. The weapons are the same as the heroes. For example, sword heroes will have sword followers, mage heroes will have mage followers, and knight heroes will have cavalry followers! In addition, followers can also be improved and developed, for example, ordinary pegasus soldiers can even turn into magnificent dragon knights!

皇室騎士傳說 Online - 動漫 MMO RPG

Combat elements of tactical strategy
The battle of gods and demons is naturally an essential element of strategy, and the use of formation and containment of weapons can make the battle more effective. For example, cavalry can more easily overwhelm infantry with swords and shields, but ones like spearmen can counter effectively. The mage hides behind enemy formations and can deal serious damage to your troops if not dealt with quickly, and archery from a distance can wipe them out quickly. Of course, all the battles have super cute knight girls and great special effects, and players can also control the execution time of big moves!

皇室騎士傳說 Online - 動漫 MMO RPG

Online MMORPG clans, events and chats
You can join a guild just like in an MMO RPG and get great rewards in daily guild events. Team up with other players to defeat guild bosses and earn weekly gifts. At higher levels, your guild can even capture castles and earn great daily rewards! We recommend that you communicate with other players in the world or guild chat, but please be civil.

皇室騎士傳說 Online - 動漫 MMO RPG

Daily free diamonds and rewards
In this RPG, you can get a lot of diamonds during the beginner period. And to encourage longtime players, there are many opportunities to earn diamonds every day, such as first clearance, daily quests, login rewards, etc. If you like the game and support recharge, it is recommended to be within the allowable consumption range!

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皇室騎士傳說 Online - 動漫 MMO RPG

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