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Royal Marble

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Royal Marble

The most played board game in 2020!

Ever wondered who owned the Eiffel Tower?
Stop wondering! You will be the owner now!

Royal Marble

Collect real landmarks, strategize your deck, and crush your opponents!
Advance in rank modes to earn bigger prizes!

Royal Marble

<1vs1 strategic monopoly game>
Strategize your deck and beat your opponent by making them go bankrupt!

Royal Marble

Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building… you name it!
Collect and upgrade famous landmarks from the real world.

The era of controlling your game play is so 2015.
You strategize. Let the game roll the dice for you.
See results each round in less than a minute!

Omg! KAWAII~~So cute!
Collect and play with numerous super kawaii avatars and dices.
They each have their own special skill sets.

Collect points and enter higher leagues to unlock crazy cool landmarks!
Don’t forget the Go-Stop! mode where you can make rounds much more interesting!

Royal Marble
Morroc & Bean
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