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Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise (by Repulse)

The day has come for you to serve the Beaumont family at your mother’s request. As you venture into their mansion, you quickly find yourself captivated by the presence of your enigmatic hosts.
At night, you have dreams unlike any you’ve dreamt before. Guiding you through mysteries and rewarding you with knowledge of secrets that don’t belong to you.
Use the secrets you’ve learned to tear down the walls around the Beaumont’s hearts and earn your place in their embrace. Or use them to your advantage and learn about your mother’s complicated history with the family.

Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

Sebastian is the epitome of diligence and composure. But beneath that cool exterior lies a heart overflowing with care and protection, especially for those he treasures. Falling for him is easy because of his irresistible mix of strength and vulnerability, making every moment with him an adventure of the heart.

Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

Roderick has an irresistible charm and allure. He commands attention effortlessly, with his flirtatious demeanor, which makes your heart flutter. Beneath that facade lies a complex man, capable of both darkness and tenderness.

Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise
Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

Alexander embodies arrogance and impulsiveness, yet within him resides a tender heart that he only reveals to those he truly cares for. His love for someone can transform him from a self-centered to a protective and devoted man.

Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise
Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

– A 2D visual novel story with choices
– A 3D world that reveals itself to you only in your dreams
– Three endings, that bring you closer to one of your three mysterious hosts, and one “bad” ending
– Puzzles leading to clues about how to reach the hearts of your masters
– Love progress bars that track your love with each master
– Voice acting during 3D dream sequences
– A gallery with art from all the locations you’ve visited
– A music player with all the songs you’ve heard

Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

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