Rule The Coin

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rule The Coin (by Treenod Inc.)

Save the devastated world from the rebels through Spin, Battle, and Landmark Building!
The townspeople will honor you as a hero!

Become a medieval hero to battle and loot tons of players with your Facebook friends.
Your world will develop and become stronger with the loot and Coins you acquire.

Spin to get Coins!
You can get tons of Coins through the Slot. With these Coins, you can build powerful towns and get free rewards.

Battle with your hero in a new way.
No more boring battles! You can earn much more Coins in battles than in the Slot.
Destroy the opposing towns using the soldiers of your choice.
Destroy your opponent’s landmark to earn tremendous amounts of Coins and additional rewards.
You can use more powerful skills through different hero characters, and you can also attack by bouncing off the wall, or with bombs.

Rule The Coin

Collect and upgrade various characters!
You can get character cards through various contents such as town building and battle.
Battle as a new character or loot opponents with an upgraded character.
Winning battles can earn you huge amounts of Coins and bonus rewards.
The stronger the character, the easier and more fun the battle will be!

Rule The Coin

You can play the game with your friends.
You can easily log in to the game through Facebook and have fun playing with new friends.

Rule The Coin

Rule the Coin with your Facebook Friends
Get free rewards every day
Experience new fun through a new type of battle
Rule the Coin is free to play

Official Facebook Fan Group:

Available: Google Play – USA

Rule The Coin

Created by ©PalmassGames

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