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Rumble Squad: Idle RPG

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Rumble Squad: Idle RPG (by CookApps)

Welcome to “Rumble Squad: Idle RPG,” where legends are forged in epic adventures. Assemble a team of charismatic heroes with unique skills, and watch as they effortlessly level up, even when you’re away.

CHARMS! Heroes with Skills and Swagger!
Collect a diverse roster of impressive and varied characters, each bringing unique abilities to every battle.

GROW! Level Up Effortlessly!
Your heroes evolve continuously, ensuring you’re always battle-ready and more powerful.

Rumble Squad: Idle RPG

CUTE! Fierce Pixel Heroes!
Charming and powerful, these heroes combine great visuals with serious RPG gameplay.

Rumble Squad: Idle RPG

SYNERGY! Explosive Team Actions!
Mix and match heroes for perfect team synergy that leads to explosive battlefield victories.

Rumble Squad: Idle RPG

LOOT! Endless Treasures!
Explore a variety of dungeons overflowing with endless treasures and powerful gear.

“Rumble Squad: Idle RPG” is a streamlined adventure that’s simple to start but engaging to master. Download now and begin your journey through the fields of battle!

Available: Google Play / App Store – PH

Rumble Squad: Idle RPG

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