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Rush Lord: Tower Defense TD

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rush Lord: Tower Defense TD (by SOFISH GAMES)

“The Lord Stands” is a Three Kingdoms-themed card mobile game with tower defense battle as the core. It has dynamic tower defense battle gameplay, plus super interesting copy gameplay such as cooperation, tower climbing, arena, guild BOSS, etc., and more The Q version of funny animal paintings and cool skills allow you to experience a different world of the Three Kingdoms!

Background Introduction

The Three Kingdoms were in turmoil, with wars rising everywhere. On this occasion when heroes compete for hegemony, characters with distinctive personalities, funny and powerful characters will appear one by one. Can each of the lords lead his generals, arrange their troops, successfully protect the crystal, and compete for territory!

Game Features

Real-time battle, strategy to win

Real-time real-time competitive matching, a rich selection of Three Kingdoms generals to freely match. There is no strongest general, only the strongest strategy. Let’s experience the thrill of a decisive battle on the battlefield together!

Rush Lord: Tower Defense TD

Cooperative tower defense, fighting side by side

Two-player cooperative tower defense, challenge the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, choose the appropriate military commander lineup and equipment according to different BOSS mechanisms, so that the Lord can enjoy the fun of various military commanders!

Rush Lord: Tower Defense TD

Recruiting generals and joining hands on the battlefield

By continuously collecting generals and improving their levels, you can unlock new skills and bring new combat strategy options. Each general has its own unique skills and style!

Rush Lord: Tower Defense TD

Social alliance, various ways to play

The lord can join the alliance by making new friends, share experiences and skills, work together with other lords, challenge the alliance leader, and there are more challenges and dungeon gameplay waiting for you to unlock!

Official Facebook:

Available: Google Play – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Rush Lord: Tower Defense TD
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