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Rushlands – moba war PvP arena

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rushlands – moba war PvP arena (by Black Bears)

Assemble a legendary team of heroes to fight in tactical PvP 3 on 3 MOBA game. Online strategy is now out of your computer and in your hands!

Rushlands is:exciting and fast-paced matches;

incredible graphics;

high-precision control;

competitive gameplay.

Collect and improve fighters with unique abilities. Fight and improve the skills of your heroes in a variety of arenas in the Rushlands universe.

Choose your battle tactics: wage a large-scale offensive or focus on defense. This is a game in the genre of MOBA, which will bring you an unforgettable experience! Forget about computer games, your smartphone is capable of more than you think.

Legend has it that it will not be easy. Match after match, you need to climb up the leagues to get to the top of the rankings. MOBA is a tactical game. There are many players, but only one hero in the arena!

Rushlands - moba war PvP arena

Rushlands features:Team PvP battles, 3 on 3 in real time;

Simple controls that don’t distract from battles;

No boring farms, many exciting battles;

Fair matches with opponents at equal levels;

Only great strategists win, not cheaters!

Rushlands - moba war PvP arena


Every battle is unique! You need to come up with the right tactics to win the war. Try different heroes. Apply different strategies. Each fighter in the MOBA universe is unique and will come in handy for a swift attack or indestructible defense! Quality combat is not just a meaningless phrase!

Rushlands - moba war PvP arena


You can turn the tide of battle in the arena of heroes at any moment. The key to success is your fighters’ own unique abilities and the right battle tactics: fight, command, and win!

Rushlands - moba war PvP arena


Control of one of the legendary fighters: the defender Knight or a bloodthirsty orc Swordsman, the tactical genius Hunter or the merciless Dark Mage. In Rushlands, everyone will find a hero to their liking and style of play!

Rushlands is not just a battle between heroes and extermination of enemies, as in classic mobs. It’s a team strategy game where every ally works for the common cause. Upgrade your towers, level-up creeps, hunt for gold and secret chests. And you will be victorious!

All this and more in the awesome world of Rushlands! Install the game and dive into a dynamic MOBA battle. Ready to become a legend? Then make your opponents squeal, and then beg for more. Every ten minutes!

Your heroes are waiting for you in the arena!
Let the battles begin!

Available: Google Play – US, RU, CA, etc…

Rushlands - moba war PvP arena
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