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Sailing Empire

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The description of Sailing Empire

This is a sailing mobile game with a medieval background. Players serve as admirers and set sail in this azure sea to fight the four sides and explore unknown treasures!

Sailing Empire

[Captain Capable, Occupy the Port]
The player leads the captain to knock on the door of each port and open the exchange of each city. By leading the merchant shipping merchants to connect each city closely, the city exchanges goods through the caravan to let Each city gets more resources.

Sailing Empire

[Captain training, showing strength]
As an admiral, you need to know the strengths and strengths of each captain in order to reasonably employ people in each battle, and to train the captain through restraint and the camp to which each captain belongs, even if there are certain battle captains. Affected by the faction, you cannot fight, and you can calmly face the stormy waves.

Sailing Empire

[Featured gameplay, easy to get started]
In addition to fighting the Quartet, there are some small games to relax the tension. The archery competition can not only exercise the accuracy of archery, but also collect the captain ’s debris through the number of rings; this week ’s regular opening to fight sea monster Activities, killing sea monsters can also get rich rewards!

Sailing Empire
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