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Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice (Cn)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice (by Hoolai Game Ltd)

Burn, the immortal universe! “Saint Seiya” is authorized by the official authenticity, the first Saint Seiya mobile game with straight placement! Recall childhood memories.

All the Saints assemble, compete for the saint clothing, bravely break into the golden zodiac, and perfectly restore the original plot. Exquisite 3D game graphics and top Japanese voice actors present an audio-visual feast; passionate battles, super-burning tricks, and classic comics scenes.

Place it straight, play with one-handed operation and stop at any time; changeable lineups, strategic collocation, no spelling of numbers; different-dimensional space, fighter trials, memory time and other interesting gameplay, refuse to be boring. Burn the little universe! Experience a new sanctuary adventure.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

[Genuine authorization to review the original comics]
“Saint Seiya” comics are authorized to reproduce the classic plot with high-quality graphics. Lead the people of Seiya in the Galaxy Challenge to compete in the Sagittarius Golden Saint Cloth and fight the Diablo Four Kings; head to the sanctuary, bravely enter the Golden Zodiac, and save the goddess Athena. An immersive copy of the plot, taking you to experience the complete comic plot!

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

[Instant Combat, Super Combustion Kills Outbreak]
The first mobile game “Saint Seiya” with a straight placement method. The ultimate 3D graphics, showing real-time battles. Move your fingers to release the original super classic killer. Tianma Meteor Fist, Lushan Shenglongba, Lightning Light Speed ​​Fist, Saint Seiya’s super-burning stunts broke out!

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

[All members gather to create the strongest lineup]
The tenacious bronze five little knights, the loyal silver saints, the golden saints guarding the zodiac…all the original characters are assembled! Summon the warrior guarding Athena, gather all the saint characters, and form the strongest lineup to guard the goddess!

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

[Luxury voice actors help rekindle blood]
Fully dubbed in Japanese, performing classic nirvana skills. The familiar “Tianma Meteor Fist” and “Phoenix Wing Tianxiang” once again echoed in my ears, and the original sound once again ignited everyone’s bloody memories when they were young! People from Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Takahiro Sakurai, Natsuki Hana, Tomokazu Sugita, Maaya Sakamoto, Jun Fukuyama, Akira Ishida… dozens of super-top Japanese voice actors and a luxurious lineup lead players back to the sanctuary, break into the zodiac, and let the small universe Burn again!

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

[Pre-war strategic layout, extreme comeback]
Collect the characters of “Saint Seiya”, freely choose the fighters, and combine them to form a golden lineup exclusively for you! There are six types of astrology: water, fire, wind, earth, light, and darkness, with four categories: attack, defense, thought power, and assassin; attribute restraint and skill control. There is no strong Saint Seiya here, only a stronger lineup combination. The bronze saints counterattack the golden saints, staged the battle myth of the ultimate comeback!

[A variety of fun ways to play, refuse to be boring]
With the most suitable Saint Seiya battle lineup, break into different dimensions and defeat the guardians of the Golden Zodiac; experience fighter trials, memory time and space, and illusion labyrinth; dominate the galaxy arena in the arena and challenge with guild members pope. A variety of fun ways to play, refuse to repeat boring!

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice
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