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Samurai Blade: Yokai Blood Battle (KR)

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The description of Samurai Blade: Yokai Blood Battle

Cut it like crazy!
Cut the ghosts in the folktales with brilliant skills.

사무라이 블레이드 : 요괴혈전

Have fun with ease!
Because our time is precious!
Enjoy easy growth and easy play.

사무라이 블레이드 : 요괴혈전

Hasamu with nice guys!
Let’s go on an exciting adventure with lovely oriental girls.

사무라이 블레이드 : 요괴혈전

Just a few touches!
Experience a variety of content such as stages, dungeons, raids, and PVP with an intuitive interface.

Get drunk with coolness!
Get dyed with quick action that lets you feel the sharp taste and cool taste at once.

사무라이 블레이드 : 요괴혈전
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