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Satu Cinta (ID)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Satu Cinta (by X.P. Games YN)

Satu Cinta is a dress-up mobile game that has a love story and a tense storyline as well as a battle in the palace harem.
In order to obtain the legendary Baishan Embroidery Scroll, you were sent back to the time of the Qing Dynasty, but when you arrived in the Qing Dynasty, you were mistaken for a palace candidate and forced into the palace harem. The palace harem is full of people who want to harm you, can you survive their bad plans?

Tense Storyline, Exciting Game
Your main mission is to keep looking for the Baishan Embroidery Scrolls, but in a dangerous harem you have to protect yourself by moving up the harem ranks and recruiting followers who are ready to protect you.

Satu Cinta

A Love Story in a Palace
Your strong character and contrast from ancient women made 4 men attracted to you, you can choose your partner and he will help and protect you!

Satu Cinta

Dress Costumes
Hundreds of fashion styles from clothes to make up, from shoes to earrings are waiting for you! Bring out your creative nature and combine various kinds of clothes with unlimited combinations!

Satu Cinta

Play with friends
Take care of kittens, plant gardens, choose your partner’s clothes. There are various kinds of activities you can do! Play with your friends by building alliances and sharing your ideas and outfits!

Satu Cinta

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