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Sausage Man – ENG

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android

The description of Sausage Man

Sausage Man will officially launch on June 29th, 2021 in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In the near future, we will also expand to other regions in South East Asia.
Pre-registration of the game is already open, only on!
The cutest, cheekiest Battle Royale game ever awaits you! Are you ready?

Parachute into the battlefield and fight with other players in competitive, lighthearted battle royale action in Sausage Man! You can play Sausage Man anytime, anywhere. Using highly customizable sausage characters, swaying your weapons, team up with your friends to become the “King of the Party”.

[Exhilarating battle]
Sausage Man features a fast-paced but detailed battle system, including realistic ammo physics and Holding your breath when using the scope. Moreover, Sausage Man has many equipments include Flare Gun, Respawn System, Barricade, Legend Card. With such amazing equipments and features, you can team up with your friend to challenge other players, figure out who has the best strategy and skills.

Sausage Man
Sausage Man

[More Variety of Fun is Waiting for You]
On the battlefield, there are much more funny elements than the battle itself. You can sing and jump on the rubber ball, put on a Life Buoy and swim. Transform into a cute Mini Sausage after get downed by enemies, waiting for your teammate to rescue you. View the beautiful scenery on a UFO or Silly Dragon. Have a race with your friends on different vehicles.

Sausage Man
Sausage Man

[Be the Coolest Sausauge]
Decorate yourself to become the coolest Sausage in the game! Customize your appearance with more than 50 sets of outfits, or you can customize your own outfit by choosing from 300 outfit items. The unique party card system will record your data and achievement, showing that to the public with the background and pose you prefer. The Action, Bubble and Prank will give a new option to interact with other players in-game.
In Sausage Man, you can use the way you like, dominate the battlefield, become the “King of the Party”

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