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Savage Sands: Farm & Survive!

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Savage Sands: Farm & Survive! (by IT Networks DOO)

Welcome to Savage Sands, the ultimate blend of city-building and farming in a hostile world where survival is by no means guaranteed! In this desert world, you can grow crops, build a strong city, and fight off zombie attacks. Can you and your friends create a new life in the wasteland?

Key Features:

Grow and Harvest Crops:
Plant and harvest different crops to feed your people. Trade your crops to help your city grow.

Build Your Desert City:
Build homes, factories, and other buildings to keep your survivors safe and happy. Decorate your city with cool items and landmarks to stand out and showcase your unique vision.

Savage Sands: Farm & Survive!

Survive Zombie Attacks:
Protect your city from zombie waves! Place defenses and arm your survivors to keep the zombies out.

Savage Sands: Farm & Survive!

Explore and Gather:
Explore the desert to find resources, meet new survivors, and uncover the secrets of the apocalypse.

Craft and Upgrade:
Use the resources you find to make tools, upgrade buildings, and improve your defenses.

Savage Sands: Farm & Survive!

Complete Quests:
Follow fun storylines and complete quests to earn rewards and grow your city.

Are you ready to lead your people through the apocalypse in Savage Sands? Download now and start your adventure!

Savage Sands: Farm & Survive!

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