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Savage Survival

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Savage Survival (by YOTTA GAMES)

In this fierce realm where war dominates, ancient creatures roam, and every inch of the ground dares you to stake your claim, can you evolve from a mere survivor into a master of the wilds in Savage Survival?

Join your tribe in the raw splendor of the Stone Age! Move through lands rich with resources and home to giant creatures, where your courage charts the path from mere survival to flourishing prosperity. Merge diplomacy with might, shaping the wilderness to your vision, and tracking beasts to prove your growing strength. Adapt, innovate, and reign, making the wilds a testament to your tribe’s triumph.

Savage Survival

Embark on a Stone Age Strategy Adventure. Explore the Continents with survivors from around the world!
Hunt down mighty prehistoric creatures in the ultimate survival challenge!
Collect resources, build connections with other survivors, and fortify your territory!
Create alliances, outwit your enemies, expand your territory, and upgrade your base with the help of strong allies, ready to take on the wild!
Will you use tactics or will power? Survival instincts are key, as only those who adapt will flourish in this world!
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Savage Survival

Key Features
Strategic Real-Time Tactics
Lead your survivors, tame powerful prehistoric creatures, awaken your instincts for survival, and evolve your settlement from humble beginnings to a bustling sanctuary!

Savage Survival

Stunning HD Graphics with Unity3D
Dive into a vibrant, vast world with high-definition 3D graphics and a map inviting you to discover its secrets.

Savage Survival

Global Rivalries and Unity! Nations compete for survival, ready to write their stories of triumph!
Explore for ancient relics and incredible treasures. No matter where you’re from, join a global community to tackle thrilling challenges from the ancient world!

Savage Survival

Witness the intense battle where nature’s raw power meets the courage of ancient warriors. Your survival strategy will involve a host of formidable troops ready for your command!
Barbarians, embodying unmatched spirit, confront colossal foes, highlighting their adeptness in navigating the perils of the wild for survival.
Archers, crucial in combat, unleash lethal precision and swift strikes, wreaking havoc upon their targets!
Riders, commanding the might of fearsome dinosaurs, spread terror among enemies with their primal power!
Behemoths, perfect for raiding and pillaging, becomes essential in your quest for survival, leveraging their immense strength to dominate the battlefield!

Available: Google Play – US, CA

Savage Survival

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