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Save My Zombies! Tower Defense

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Save My Zombies! Tower Defense (by DoubleDown Interactive LLC)

We need you to help cure the zombie children!

Everyone in the village has mysteriously turned into zombies, and the townsfolk are hoarding the antidote! Assemble your team of zombies and then deploy your creations to stop the humans and destroy their base. If victory is yours, you’ll receive resources and an antidote vial to help you cure the children and level up your zombie team!

Strategy is key in this casual tower defense game. Spin the slot machine as you battle to spin up body parts for your zombie army. Choose where and when to deploy your team to lay siege to your opponent’s base and defend your own. Win battles or replay levels to earn resources that will aid you on your search for the antidote!

Save My Zombies! Tower Defense

Key Features

Unique Characters
The zombie possibilities are endless! Piece together zombies using a wide variety of body parts with special abilities, and then have fun playing against a cast of enemies with unique strengths!

Save My Zombies! Tower Defense

No Two Battles Are the Same
Victory depends on strength and luck! The slot mechanic leaves resource availability to chance, making each battle you play a new experience

Save My Zombies! Tower Defense

Casual Gameplay
Drop your zombies into battle and sit back as they defend your base. Once you cure a child, they’ll give you gifts to keep the fun going!

There’s no time to waste! Climb onto the school bus and head into battle to cure the children!

Save My Zombies! Tower Defense

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