Scarlet Dream


Official Launch + APK

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💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 緋色夢境 (by NEYA Network Limited)

“Crimson Dreamland” is a relaxed and strategic mobile online game with the fantasy kingdom as the background.
You will act as an adventurer in the game. Together with nearly a hundred heroes of different styles, you will snatch the artifacts created by the ancient gods from the demon knights and fight against the evil enemies who want to destroy the kingdom!
Hurry up and join your best friends, sound the clarion call of justice, and join this adventure


Relax and relax, free your hands
Players do not need to go online from time to time, and their heroes can also uninterruptedly lay down a large number of gold coins and equipment to help the adventurer’s epic journey. Let you no longer miss this fantasy adventure because of your busy work and life!


Various collocations, cultivate as you wish
Massive resources allow players to cultivate heroes with a variety of elements, skills, and races at will, and build their own exclusive and strongest team!


Strategic collocation, invincible
Let’s compete for the top of the Sky Tower with various strategies such as hero fetters, racial restraint, and formation setting.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW


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