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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Scrappage (by Geekspree)

In a not too far away future, mankind finally stepped over the edge of the abyss: The world lies in ruins, the few survivors not only fight each other but also have to deal with the countless new creatures raging over the wasted lands.
After years of slavery, you finally managed to break out. Now it is time to pay back you tormentors and to climb to the top:
Fight your way through hordes of mutants, zombies, aliens, robots and everything in between. At the end of each level a ruthless boss awaits your punishment, carrying valuable loot for you to take. Each new body part gives you a powerful active skill, each run lets you create a new unique build of your liking.
But be aware: A single moment of carelessness can easily cost you your life – and your journey will start all over again!



– Collect scrap to buy or upgrade items or body parts between the levels
– Fight against over 40 different types of enemies
– Procedural generated levels in nine different themes
– Hundreds of unique body parts and items
– Collect XP to unlock permanent upgrades
– Easy difficulty mode with automatic aiming
– Extremely optimized to run well and beautiful even on older hardware

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