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Sea of ​​Clouds: Infinite Frontier

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 雲海:無限邊境 (by 艾肯娛樂(香港)股份有限公司)

“Sea of ​​Clouds: Infinite Frontier” is a Japanese fantasy hand-painted team placement mobile game. As an adventure pioneer, you will take the hope of the Continental Federation to find the rumored vault country and obtain the resource Mana. During the journey, team up with friends to run in the sea of ​​clouds, enter various fantasy maps to explore secret places to obtain resources, grow step by step and obtain the cutest Eudemons partners, and embark on a truly boundless adventure!

Game Features
Touching hand-painted scenes
Japanese fantasy hand-painted heart-warming style, every moment of the game can find the details of the scene, adventurers can enjoy running in the fantasy world to start a new adventure journey.


The world track starts immediately
Travel across the sea of ​​clouds to a farther and more mysterious mysterious continent, and you will encounter more scenery, monsters and treasures. Your own track is about to start, and what will greet you will be…?

Assemble partners to join hands in adventure
In the process of going to the New World, you can meet like-minded partners. Through the best team matching, the team can bravely break into the forbidden area and discover the secrets hidden under this continent!


Personal research room
Through the exclusive research room, develop different skills and combinations, use the secret treasures obtained, increase the character’s ability, and at the same time connect with partners to create a unique configuration of the team, and conquer the depths of the sea of ​​clouds together!

Cultivation of the cutest Eudemons
Catch super cute Eudemons through fighting and food. Various types of Eudemons can be selected according to different monsters on the map. Training in the Eudemons Homeland can fight side by side with you when facing powerful monsters, bringing you a rich game experience!


Kind tips
This game software is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the provisions of the game classification management method
* Some content or services of this game require additional payment
*Please pay attention to the game time and avoid being addicted to the game
*The content of this game involves violence, inappropriate language, dating and making friends

Available: Google Play / App Store – HK, TW, MO

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