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Sea of Dawn

Official Launch(SEA) – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 黎明之海Sea of Dawn (by GameNuts)

“Sea of ​​Dawn” is a MMORPG mobile game with the theme of sea battles. In the game, the player will play a captain and lead his fleet to fight in the vast ocean. There are many different types of ships in the game. Players can choose different ships to fight according to their preferences and tactical needs. In addition, players can continuously upgrade their ships and weapons to improve their combat capabilities so that they can fight in more intense battles. Greater victories in battle. In this vast ocean world, only the strongest captain can become the real overlord and show his dominance.

黎明之海Sea of Dawn

Global combat, wherever you go is a battlefield
Whether you are on land or sea, in port or on deck, battles will take place wherever you can see them. According to the battlefield environment and enemy formation, professional coordination and skill selection, there is not only one answer for each victory. Make full use of the ocean currents, wind direction, and terrain factors in the real world to make giant team battles with thousands of ships more intense and strategic.

Challenge the limit and compete to kill the world BOSS
In the deep sea or between the secret realms, ancient monsters are hiding in them, and it is your mission to defeat them. Adventurers of different professions fight together, each using their own skills and strengths. In addition to the rare drops and the glory of defeating the boss, there is also the sympathy and perseverance of their companions!

黎明之海Sea of Dawn

Free job transfer, experience an alternative life without loss
No need to re-train, experience a new game life – the non-destructive job transfer function is online! No need to wait, experience the new job instantly, and perfectly inherit the original job level and equipment at the same time. The confusion during the initial career selection and the regret of the later game experience will usher in the first chance to re-select. This time, experience another adventure life with us!

黎明之海Sea of Dawn

Adventure around the world, the real world is close at hand
The 1.2 billion-square-meter open world designed based on the real earth’s landforms supports seamless global navigation, including unique geographical environments such as polar glaciers, submarine volcanoes, and endless deserts; it restores unique marine climates such as storms and huge waves, undercurrent vortices, and cold and warm ocean currents. And hydrological phenomena, creating a more realistic experience of traveling around the world for you.

Seven Seas Alliance to build a world-renowned chamber of commerce
The chamber of commerce war here spans the economic and military fields, and requires you and other chamber of commerce elites to use their strengths to fight together. There are people who fight side-by-side, fight with a degree, and win by surprise in the chamber of commerce war; Everyone can find their place in the chamber of commerce, and everyone will work together to create the strongest force that is famous all over the world!

黎明之海Sea of Dawn

Self-built port, build your world-famous city
You can choose the most desirable bay on the long coastline according to factors such as geographical location, ocean routes, and ocean currents, and build your own private port. Mining and logging, casting and refining, scientific research and trade, building a fleet… Upgrade your harbor step by step, and develop a small port into a world-famous city. Establish diplomatic relations and trade with foreign forces, make friends with historical heroes in your own tavern, and experience the joy of being the governor of the port to rule the territory and light up the golden route.

AR gameplay, breaking the boundaries between games and reality
Virtual ships can be precisely placed in the real world and manipulated freely. At the same time, make full use of lighting estimation and environment probe technology, so that the ship material changes with the real environment and dynamic light and shadow, so as to perfectly integrate with the real scene. In addition, it can also carry out DIY and skill release effects on ships, and also has sharing functions such as taking pictures and videos, providing players with an unparalleled augmented reality experience.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, SG, MY

黎明之海Sea of Dawn
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