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The description of Seastead

It began with the fallen of the Great Stone, a giant stone fell from the sky. Land was smashed to pieces. Civilization was collapsed. All kingdoms were perished.
Survivors woke up finding themselves alone on a piece of floating island. They gathered to collect resources and live. At last, one found that there’s magic hidden in the fallen Great Stone, which can grant people the power to rule them all. The desire born with each man, to dominate, made them divided rapidly.


Survivor, as one of them, you are deemed to conquer and dominate, fight for your kingdom and land. Develop on your island, expand the territory by finding and bordering with other scattered land, cooperate with other survivors, or just smash what they have completed, and finally, own the great stone, the Gift of the Gods, and rule them all.
Enjoy cooperation and competition at the same time in Seasteads. The game is coming soon!

1. Command your floating island to explore the waterworld
2. Collect scattered lands to expand your territory
3. Train troops and send your heroes to war
4. Gather resources and design your own seastead in any shape you like
5. Compete and cooperate with players all over the world

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