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Sender Unknown: The Mall – Text Adventure

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Follow your new chat partner, Kris — a victim running from the past and followed by misfortune. Looking for safe shelter in an abandoned mall and running from danger in the dark, only with your help can the mysteries of this place be solved.

Sender Unknown: The Mall - Text Adventure

Making the right choices, being attentive, observant, and quick-witted will help you solve puzzles and guide Kris to safety. However, beware — some of your actions could have unpredictable consequences.


Sender Unknown: The Mall - Text Adventure

– Play through the main story absolutely free!
– Choose from a number of available response options
– Create your own story and build a relationship with Kris
– Manage Kris’s health, avoiding physical and mental wounds
– Immersive and detailed puzzles

Tristan Palmgren, author of Quietus and Terminus, dark science fiction novels set during the Black Death, joined the development team to bring you this interactive tale, where the choices you make can change everything. Multiple paths through the game give you wildly different results — from romance to exciting twists. Who will live, and who will die?

With the new checkpoint system, you can rewind time to nearly any message you want, and replay the story to experience different story branches, even story endings.

Manage stats, including a new Health meter, to unlock new routes and develop your relationship with Kris. Stats changes respond to your choices during the game.

Sender Unknown: The Mall - Text Adventure

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