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Sengoku Strongest Legend

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 戦国最強伝説 (by Rastar Games)

Super realistic 3D scene, complete reproduction of the Sengoku period
The human figures of famous warlords are vividly drawn, and the realistic 3D scenes that resemble live-action scenes create many heroes from frequent battles, completely recreating the passionate Sengoku period!


A large gathering of heroes, fight against the famous generals who colored the era
A total of more than 50 all-Japanese Sengoku warlords gather together! The Sengoku period, where you can develop famous warlords and fight battles, is born here!


Manipulate the power of heaven and earth and defeat the enemy with strategy
Intersection of “Takamagahara” and “Yomikuni”! Sengoku warlords who obtained the power of God will help! Continuing the unfulfilled dream, sticking to the belief, let’s master the secret of the plan here!


Comfortably battle with one hand
Online even offline, the road of Tenka Fubu does not stop! Automatically earn military commander training materials at work, in class, and even in the bath! Feel free to enjoy the battle anywhere!


Diverse training system, customize the strongest warlords
Packed with a training system based on the history of the Sengoku period! You can enjoy realistic Sengoku history and tradition while training! Freely customize warlords, there is never one way to become the strongest.

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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