Seven Knights 2


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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Seven Knights 2 (by Netmarble)

Build your team with adorable heroes.
The original hero [Seven Knights 2] in one place
Collect a variety of heroes and assemble the best team!

Seven Knights 2
Seven Knights 2

CCG + MMO, a unique fusion genre.
CCG is fun to collect and grow heroes
Fun MMORPG battles where you control 4 heroes at the same time
Two fun combined to double the fun!

Seven Knights 2
Seven Knights 2

Different strategies for each boss! The beauty of brilliant combat skill.
The brilliant workmanship of the original is the same
Powerful one-time ultimate and silencer to defeat bosses.
Experience a new battle!

Seven Knights 2
Seven Knights 2

Worldview and history continued by the original.
A look at the world that continues 20 years after existing history
Quality cinematic production beyond mobile
Enjoy an exciting story like in a movie!

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