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Seven Sphere

Official Launch(SG) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Highlight Entertainment)

You, who were rescued by a mysterious girl in yellow, discovered that you are the “True Emperor” written in the prophecy. You were sent to the SevenSphere Realm and will become the leader of the “Transcendent”. Adventure along the girls to save the world from catastrophe!


– Numerous characters originated from history and mythology. Create your own fantasy team with different types of waifus!
– Free team and battle formation. Require you to be big brain and use strategy to win battles!
– Equip unique “Battle Spirit”. Create a powerful battle team and shine one the battlefield!
– In-depth and complete adventure experience. Develop intimate relationship with your favorite character!
– Famous Japanese voice actresses as casts. Enjoy your adventure as anime lovers!
– Detailed character stories and personalities. Get ready to fall in love with you new waifus!
– Act as the “True Emperor” in isekai. The fate of this world is in your hands!

Available: Google Play – SG


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