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Shadow Monsters: Idle Summons – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Shadow Monsters: Idle Summons (by OUTSTANDING GAME PTE. LTD.)

Shadow Monsters: Idle Summons is a strategy-based idle game that uses innovative gameplay to conquer lands. Use countless disciples to help you summon extraordinary monsters with unique abilities, and strategically place your evil creations in ever-changing battles to set the world on fire.
Unleash your supremacy with expertly designed monsters with unstoppable power on a world that’s waiting to be annihilated. Take control of this magical realm and extinguish all life.

Shadow Monsters: Idle Summons

Game Features
Summon Monsters – Strategically summon and evolve new kinds of monsters to create your very own unique squad of overwhelming chaos.
Raise Disciples – Use an innumerable cast of powerful disciples to summon monsters and destroy enemies.
Unique Art – A distinctively designed world populated with expertly crafted monsters and disciples unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
Conquer the Map – Unleash your beasts on a diverse world to master the map and take your rightful place as the supreme Lord.

Shadow Monsters: Idle Summons
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