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The Shadow of Neog (TW)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

Preload opening. Project start: July 29.

The description of Shadow of Neog (by IWPLAY WORLD)

💡Gift Code: Xtlcb0c1d5l6

[Welcome to the Lost City]
From the scene design, the character image to the level cover, the dark Gothic style is displayed. The darkness is bound by gorgeousness, which fully reflects the Cthulhu aesthetic, and conveys indescribable visual impact from every detail. Original music customized by the Hollywood composer team creates an immersive auditory feast for the game. Open the game when you wake up, whispering in your ears, be careful of whispering in the fog!


[Roguelike random event experience, there is no retreat in the abyss]
In the process of exploring “Mist Town” on thin ice, Roguelike random event battles, unjudgeable round levels are presented, and the choices made in each adventure make people feel the heartbeat speed; facing the unknowable and unjudged fear of escalation, it keeps you In a random nightmare. Thinking about all kinds of unexpected countermeasures at all times can only blaze a trail. “Strategy” and “luck” will be the key to survival!


[Seek an encounter in a dungeon, did you meet anyone?]
There are still a group of people who are unwilling to give up hope. These people are burdened with their past, just like little suspense. In the process of fighting side by side with them, as the relationship continues to grow, you will reveal their unknown past and piece together the unknown reasons for their fall. Those crazy, corrupt, and corrupt monsters may be no different from them. .


[Unlimited equipment and multi-dimensional strategy deep core battle]
To meet the needs of deep competition, the core battle is in “lineup matching” and “role position” to develop top roles and competitive team layouts. Different equipment will be randomly dropped in the level, which can be freely matched. Cooperate with Lost Crystal, Rune and other systems, choose the talent trend according to the lineup and level environment. A large number of random elements allow you to choose, and every choice will affect the outcome of the game.

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