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Mythic Summon – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Shadow Vs Light (by HaveFunT)

New gods and old gods against each other, opposing camp relations, to save the fate of mankind

Idle, Card, Battle – this is an AFK-style idle card game where you can have everything you want, including idle battles, offline AFK, and full resource returns. What sets us apart is our emphasis on strategic gameplay, including party composition, hero bonds, and skill combinations. Even a small adjustment can produce a wonderful chemical reaction, bringing you a different gaming experience! In addition, we also have a rich variety of gameplay modes, including Rogue-like elements in maze exploration, the Time Corridor that carries the heroes’ past, and more. With diverse gameplay, we provide a super enjoyable gaming experience! Come and experience a different placement card game with “Mythic Summon: Idle RPG”!

– Super easy casual idle gameplay
Choose your heroes, and let them battle automatically to clear stages. This super easy idle battle gameplay doesn’t require you to perform any intricate operations. Your heroes will automatically use their skills throughout the battle. Log in and you’ll receive rich rewards. You only need to spend ten minutes a day to experience the wonderful adventures of a different world.

Mythic Summon (Shadow Vs Light)

– Very relaxed hero development system
You no longer need to worry about how to allocate resources to your heroes, nor do you need to collect resources hard for legendary heroes in the later stages. Here, you can reset your heroes with just one click, recover all consumed resources at zero cost, and cultivate your heroes according to your own preferences, very easily and freely.

Mythic Summon (Shadow Vs Light)

– Rich and diverse dungeon gameplay
If you find the idle gameplay a bit boring, we have a rich and diverse set of dungeon gameplay. There are mazes with Rougelike elements, a time corridor to learn about hero stories, and even an exciting tower climbing challenge. The rich and varied dungeon gameplay allows you to experience multiple aspects of the game.

Mythic Summon (Shadow Vs Light)

– Gather heroes to gain the power of bonds
Summon and gather heroes to form unique bonds. When heroes with compatible constellations meet, the power of destiny will resonate, and the summoner will receive stronger blessings! This is the power of bonds. Come and summon and gather heroes from a different world, and form bonds that belong to you all!

– Strategic battles are simple but not easy
Seemingly, it’s a battle of five heroes, but there are countless strategic combinations involved! Hero bonds, skill combinations, and team formations…with a light adjustment of your fingertips, you can easily make simple adjustments to create a comeback victory!

Mythic Summon (Shadow Vs Light)
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