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Shimmery Saga

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The description of SS:光之编年史 (by Gacraze Entertainment Limited)

[Happy Beginners]Log in for 1600 draws, first draw cool and start!
[Consecutive Draw Guaranteed Battle]30 draws guaranteed, non-chiefs don’t have to cry and make trouble!
[God-given wild shuffle]Reshuffle the cards to keep the most Europeans, and reincarnate infinitely!


Nightingale: “Admission notice! Get ready for cat therapy!
【Treatment】Making cats to make money! Pick up a lot of gold coins at random!
【Special Prescription】Middle Age Picture Book! Healing classical painting style nourishes the soul!


Napoleon: “The national team is assembled!” The world war begins now!
【Action Target】National Fantasy Team! All countries in the world compete for the strongest surface!
[Recruitment Roster]Caesar, Odin, Gabriel, cross-border battle between gods and men!
[Tactical Outline]3+2 combat positions, 7 racial restraints, play military art!


Marco Polo: “The adventure begins!” Medieval fantasy set sail!
[Voyage Log]The key copy of the seven major human beings, discover the truth of civilization!
[Naval Battle Alert]Pirates bombard the Royal Navy and steal the secret treasure from the uninhabited island!
[Captain’s attention]Random melee battles in the whole server, novices can defeat nobles, leaving a name in history!


Watt: “Scientific Alchemy! All human beings get rich and get rich!
[Measurement Analysis]All servers share the rain of red envelopes, the fewer lessons you earn, the more you earn!
[Research Tools]Great Depression players don’t carry it! Quanfu Fund allows you to rest assured that the revolution!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, SG, MY

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