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Shoot and Loot

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The description of Shoot and Loot

Do you like shooting? Do you like looting? Well now you can shoot AND loot in this addictive new fast-paced multiplayer game!

Shoot and Loot

Inspired by games like Diablo, Destiny, Borderlands, The Binding of Issac and Gauntlet comes a brand new multiplayer cooperative dungeon crawler!

Shoot and Loot

Work together and take on exciting adventures filled with enemies, monsters and bosses.
Gather awesome skills and equipment in endless combinations to build your own character and play it the way you want to.

Shoot and Loot

A unique gameplay experience every time you play, clear ever-changing dungeons to level-up, upgrade talents and upgrade awesome weapons and gear!

Key Features:
Multiplayer dungeon crawls with allies and friends.
Avoid and exploit environmental hazards.
Use awesome special abilities to change the flow of battle.

Hundreds of unique levels, enemies and bosses.

Shoot and Loot
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