Shooting Skull: Roguelike Game

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Shooting Skull: Roguelike Game (by Loongcheer Game)

Welcome to join the adventure, My Shooter!

We aims to provide the fun gameplay modes for you to enjoy and collect your feedback to optimize it.

Shooting Skull: Roguelike Game

Unlike most of the stories you heard, in this war, you will play this game as Princess Mononoke, fighting with humans and winning for the monsters. You’re about to partner with monsters, build up your strength, and fight in this world.

Shooting Skull: Roguelike Game

Game Features

-A variety of skills with 5 elements(Ice, Dark, Drug, Fire, Thunder), customize your own genre.
-One-finger control and auto-shot, making the game easier to play.
-Weird and lovely art, strong sense of blow, cool combat effects, bring a pretty game experience.
-Unique partner system. You will Encounter random partner who can help you to fight together. Your adventure isn’t lonely.
-Abundant in-game buffs, boost your power giantly.
-Special talent system, strengthen your basic combat ability so that you are not afraid of failure.

Shooting Skull: Roguelike Game

If you like playing Rogueike Action Game, welcome to play the game and give us your opinion.
Don’t hesitate, just download it and start your adventure!

Shooting Skull: Roguelike Game

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