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Towerland: Rain Code TD (Silent Mist)

Early access Android(CBT2) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Silent mist (by Electronic Soul)

An evil ritual at the construction site of Big Ben, strange black patterns on the walls of an ancient manor merge into a hideous creature, a terrifying shadow sitting in the belly of a temple. In all these locations, you will hear a deep and distant whisper seducing your senses, tempting you to jump into the infinite abyss…

Dear Detective, will you let fear consume you when facing certain doom?

Game Features
Follow the calls of the abyss: As the earth is shrouded in mist, an indescribable creature rises from the turbulent River Thames.
Reveal the truth: Become a detective, investigate various strange cases and uncover clues to reveal the hidden truth.
Battle to advance: Fight against creatures from the shadows to overcome countless obstacles and seek the truth.
Adopt winning strategies: Customize your lineup and use unique ultimate skills to fight your way to victory.
Team up with friends: Competition, cooperation, strength, and luck will be required. Diverse gameplay awaits you.

Silent mist - Tap Exclusive
Silent mist - Tap Exclusive
Silent mist - Tap Exclusive


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Available: Google Play – Indonesia, Philippines UK, US, Canada

Silent mist - Tap Exclusive
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