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Silent Soul M

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 묵혼M (by PangSky)

Shintobul is a Korean-style martial arts fantasy, the name of only two unforgettable characters written on the silent sword!
Following novels and online, come back alive on mobile! The root of the traditional martial arts novel that everyone longed for!
The only MMORPG that will continue its roots, Mukhon M!

Gorgeous transformation, strength system!

Feel more powerful and exhilarating taste through Mukhon M’s own unique strength system!


Explosive destructive power, super-strong equipment!

Get the best equipment, increase your fighting power, and become a strong person who will control the world.

Fast and powerful battles! Massive PVP!

Immersive PK! Don’t be vigilant for a moment! Wouldn’t you like to become the first person in the world who will conquer the world through PVP battles?!


Fierce challenge! Oriental Martial Arts Fantasy!

Mukhon M’s own PVE system, exciting quests along with the story and breathtaking boss battles!

Fun together, guild system!

If you are with a guild member, you are not afraid! Guild Raid to enjoy with strong colleagues!


Luxurious rewards pouring in just by logging in!

A splendid event that can only be seen in Mukhon M, a bountiful reward that is paid just by connecting to Wonbo, silver coins, and Myeongseongchi!

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