Sinbia Part Soul Fighters(Kr)


Official Launch+APK

Sinbia Part Soul Fighters is a role-playing game with fighting, which uses animated mysterious characters.

This is a way to create your own team combination and win adventures and battles with opponents.

Sinbia Part Soul Fighters(Kr)

Toy characters in the game!
You can meet the characters of the mysterious apartments anytime, anywhere, if you only have a toy for my smartphone to use in my game!
Check the emotions of the original through your smartphone now!

Sinbia Part Soul Fighters(Kr)

Let’s grow your own character on my smartphone!
Let’s have the strongest party, collecting mysterious characters in apartments, buying toys! Enjoy exciting battles with more powerful characters thanks to growth and equipment!

Sinbia Part Soul Fighters(Kr)

Exciting PVE content!
Get various rewards in battles with ghosts through various mysterious characters of the apartment!

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