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Sinonis (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Sinonis(시노니스)

After a thousand years of war of gods, the gods finally won the war against the abyss.
However, the prophecy of the shaman showed that the threat of the creatures asleep in the abyss was not over.

“The abyss will again appear in the ‘Sungye’. The awakened abyss will make everything in the world sink into eternal silence and darkness.”
The inevitable fate of ruin.

If we go back to the past, will we be able to change the moment of fate already set?
In order to change the fate decided by God, a person who responds to the call of “Sungye” comes!

1 million characters in the story!
The fate of the stars is your choice!
Selective story with 1 million characters! Directing various scenarios!


Breakthrough skill recognition system!
Fateful skill gestures at your fingertips!
Gesture your own unique and brilliant skill!


Five class changeovers!
Battle stage, class change freely according to the type of abyss!
Pioneer your destiny with various classes of action and strategy!


Sub content without getting bored!
Various sub-contents such as dungeons, occupations, and fishing!
Find the fun that’s right for you at Sinonis!


Participating in Japan’s famous studded voice actors!
Gorgeous CV casting lineups including Rigi Kugimiya and Yukari Tamura!
Find a fateful partner with you now!

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