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💡 Platform – Android, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Linux, iOS, Steam

The description of Skeletal Avenger (by 10tons Ltd)

Skeletal Avenger is a hack’n’slash rogue-lite with a massive perk arsenal and skull-chucking special moves! Re-animate skeletons and fight your way to vengeance. Build a new playstyle for each run with perks. Loot, explore, avenge, and try to go crazy with perk combos.

– Discover and experiment with dozens of perks forming devastating combos
– Find new headgear to alternate your skull-chucking attack
– Loot weapons, armor, boots, and trinkets to become more powerful
– Explore and conquer a fantasy world consisting of four unique biomes
– Endless amount of procedurally generated dungeons to explore
– A cornucopia of unique enemies to vanquish
– Upgrade your skills permanently with looted gold

Skeletal Avenger
Skeletal Avenger
Skeletal Avenger
Skeletal Avenger

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Skeletal Avenger

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