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Sky Haven – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure (by Hololabs)

Uncover a worldwide mystery as a member of HAVEN, the agency whose mission is to research and protect the newly-discovered creatures living in our skies. Equip yourself with the agency’s latest gadgets and team up with local Guardians in your city to explore these majestic beings. With the help of your AR-enabled device and agency-issued drone, your mission is to heal, nourish, research, and communicate with an entirely new species. But be careful who you trust, because not everyone has the same altruistic agenda. Even other members of the agency could be plotting in secret.


MYSTERY & ADVENTURE – Embark on a story of mystery, discovery, and secrecy as you learn about the Agency and the power struggles that accompany the scientific discovery of the century. Perform missions to reveal new creatures, explore their world, solve agency problems, and uncover conspiracies.

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure

MERGE PUZZLES – Match and combine items to help complete your missions. Collect seeds and merge them to create plants, build new agency gear by merging different components, and upgrade your tools to help advance your adventure.

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure

CASUAL – Simple puzzle gameplay lets you play whenever you have a moment, whether riding the bus to work or from school, waiting in line at the store, or sitting on the couch at home.

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure

LOCATION GAMEPLAY – The agency needs you to research and manage the creatures in your city. Tether feeding stations to locations around you and help discover new creatures in your area. But remember that some creatures prefer different biomes, so be sure to travel to forests, arid areas, and wetlands for the full experience.

AUGMENTED REALITY – Venture to your favorite park or look out your window at any time to see these majestic creatures flying above. With new AR technology, see if you can spot these creatures weaving in and out of clouds or hiding behind nearby buildings.

Available: Google Play – RO, PH, ID

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure
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