Sky Heroes


💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sky Heroes (by 37 Mobile Games JP)

Heaven is the beginning of the story. The island floating in the sky, which was a symbol of the world and the core of the world, is popularly called “Kumonoshiro”.

However, the administrators living in the “Castle of the Clouds” forgot about their mission and were defeated without any resistance by a large army in the abyss.

The surviving young Guardians have no choice but to restore peace and take on the mission of saving the world. The seven sacred genitals are required to complete the mission.

Thus began the strange adventure of the heavenly heroes.

Easy to operate
With neglect function, for those who want to enjoy the game slowly
Recommended for those who want to experience the exhilarating battle of the operation.
Get stronger with free bonuses and daily rewards


Abundant Events
Form a team and use all your wisdom to defeat a strange monster that has suddenly appeared.
Win a guild battle with your friends! Even if you are not in the same guild, you are a good person, so make friends
Mini games such as puzzles and quick taps are also available so you can easily de-stress.


Lots of playback elements
Creating new opportunities through joint operations with familiars, lowering the curtain on the battlefield and developing familiars will change the appearance.
It is a fusion of future science and modern design that can transform into humanoid weapons and display the power of armor.
MMORPG and Roguelike products, each choice leads to different endings
A place where you can do aquaculture, fishing, farming, etc. and heal your mind and body with your friends.


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