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Skygalleon of the Blue Sky

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

The latest title in the popular Japanese series with over 1.5 million downloads!

A full-scale tactical card game.
Skygalleon of the Blue Sky
Now available worldwide!

Skygalleon of the Blue Sky

5% play, 95% deck building.
Introducing a unique and intuitive full-scale tactical multiplayer card game.
The right deck is all you need to destroy your opponents and emerge a champion.
Trust your deck as you ancticipate the next move and seize victory!

Skygalleon of the Blue Sky

From the vast expanse of sky unfolds an epic.
As from ancient times the rich blue sky and sea descend.
Fortresses grace waterless islands in the immense world of Forest Island.
As 4 regions and their people struggle for dominance, a battleship in the sky carries the pride of its motherland as it soars in the heavens.

Its name is “Skygalleon”.

Skygalleon of the Blue Sky

From the bygone days of the 4 great powers,
board the Skygalleon and write a new history!

Take on the world in diverse PvP content.
Train in the Sky Arena where you can compete with other players’ decks.
Prove yourself in World War, a guild battle with up to 2,000 players.
Enter the Tournament where the strongest of all users are decided.
Experience every diverse type of multiplayer battle.

Skygalleon of the Blue Sky

Also chock full of single player content!
Use the Explore feature to chart a new history for each region.
Overcome surly gatekeepers to infiltrate the Tower of God.
Use one deck to overcome many in the Round Battle, and more!
From the deep joy of building your favorite deck to developing your own strategy for success, find out what makes Skygalleon of the Blue Sky so much fun.

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Skygalleon of the Blue Sky
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Status: Official Launch(Global)+Apk

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